Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Winn Dixie or Bust

Being a born and bred Northeast, Ohio native I can tell you that I am 92% sure that I have never visited a Winn Dixie. If I have, it was when I was young and on a family vacation. I may have been dragged in by my mother when we went south but in the recesses of my mind I cannot see a Winn Dixie in any corner of my brain. I may have blocked it out completely because when we were on a family vacation if I wasn't in the pool, I wasn't happy. I'm pretty sure I was a royal pain in the ass if we weren't swimming.
Our grown up vacation is getting closer, 5 weeks. We'll be in Florida to visit Boy #1 and Daughter-in-Law #1. Since the big trip is getting closer, plans are starting to form. I spoke with
Daughter-in-Law #1 two days ago and told her that our hotel has a little kitchenette. And before I could say "groceries" she began to sing the praises of The Winn Dixie. She's taking me there to stock up my hotel kitchenette because, according to Daughter-in-Law #1, it's awesome. I'm stoked. Five weeks away from vacation and I already have a place to go. I've also requested to have breakfast at an I-Hop. Again, whether it's early Alzheimer's or I've led quite a sheltered life, I've never been to an I-Hop. Years ago before Lewis Black became popular I saw him on Comedy Central talking about going to the International House of Pancakes and decided I needed to go.
Lewis Black - College Horse
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I hope this video works I couldn't find it on YouTube, I might have to just give you the link.
So to recap, I will be in Florida in five weeks visiting the Winn Dixie and an I-Hop and I hear there's a beach around there somewhere too.


Relax Max said...

Winn-Dixie is in Dixie. You don't live there. Hence, none in your memory. IHOP is everywhere except where good food is served.

On the bright side, Floridians have probably never heard of Kroger. Out here we have Safeway. This is such a cool post. Five weeks, you say?

ReformingGeek said...

But wait. Have you ever been to a Piggly-Wiggly?

When I was growing up here in the south, it was Buddies (which became Winn-Dixie) or Piggle-Wiggly. Yeah, gotta love the south.

IHOP is good for families - lots of variety.

They have beaches in Florida? That's good to know.