Thursday, October 06, 2011

A texting log of Day 1

The following is a text log of our first day of travel:
9:40 am: My text to Boy #1 and Daughter-in-law #1 - On the road. We have driven 1 mile and still getting along.
Daughter-in-law #1 - Yay I can't wait to see u
My text to Boy #1 and Daughter-in-law #1 - Preliminary plans are being made on first rest stop. Have to pee. Words have been exchanged on stopping for breakfast.
Boy #1 - LOL still in ohio
My text to Boy #1 and Daughter-in-law #1 - In WV. Didn't get breakfast. Dad said I haven't annoyed him yet and he thought I would have by now. He's getting on my nerves.
Daughter-in-law #1 - LOL ur making good time
Boy #1 - LOL he talkin 2 much
Boy #1 - How do you like the WV mountains
My text to Boy #1 - Sorry for the delayed response found an antique shop. WV mountains are beautiful.

This is when we lost contact with the world in the West Virginia mountains. When I got my signal back I added Boy #3 to the texting conversation.

My text to Boy #1 and Daughter-in-law #1 and Boy #3 - We are now at the yelling at each other point but laughing about it. The GPS is trying to drive us off a bridge because dad called her a bitch right at the start of our trip. We are now using the google map that I'm reading. I'm scared.
Boy #3 - Thats a great way to start a vacation lol

The GPS bitch just told us to turn right into a mountain. She hates us. She seems to be trying to lull us into a false sense of security and then pulling a quick right turn. I'm on to her.

We were making good time, about 50 miles away from our agreed area to get a room but hit a bumper to bumper stand still traffic jamb. Damn.
7:00 pm - We are uncertain as to what state we are in. At some point we missed the "Welcome to North Carolina" sign. The GPS lady really has us rattled.

Having a great time wish you were here!


Symdaddy said...

Don'cha' jus' lurrrrv those satnav thingy-ma-bobs!

Mine tried to get me to drive over a bridge that hadn't been there for 20 years.

ReformingGeek said...

I saw a newscast reporting a car in a well somewhere on the east coast. Yep, it must have been you.

Kidding. Kidding.

Breakfast is not an option. When will they learn?

Sue said...

Symdaddy - I really believe that she understands what we say and acts accordingly.

Carol - I ask for so little. Breakfast on vacation is more important than remembering your toothbrush.

future dtr in law#2 said...

or bi-pap... LOL

00dozo said...

Throughout my years and experiences of long "road trips", I learn to fall asleep while the other person is driving. It keeps my blood pressure down.