Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wait. Wait One Minute. Wait a Minute.

Back in the day when the boys were young, I juggled Little League Baseball schedules while the husband worked nights. Practices had just started, Boy #1 and Boy #2 were involved and I dragged Boy #3 along, he was still too young to play. I thought I was handling thing pretty well until Boy #1 threw a wrench into the works.
I'm in the kitchen making dinner, "Mom? I need a cup."
"A cup of what? Dinner's almost ready you know."
Then there was a silence, we made eye contact. Words were chosen carefully.
"I need a cup for baseball."
He was 12 years old at the time, he was my sensitive one.
"Wait, a baseball cup for......... protecting stuff?"
"Yes, for practice tomorrow."
"Wait a minute, tomorrow? Dad's at work. We have to go tonight? I have to go tonight?"
The sensitive one looked worried.
"No problem, we'll eat, do homework and go. Where do we go?"
"You don't know?"
"I... just.... go get your brothers, tell them to wash their hands for dinner."

I was on the phone like white on rice to the husband.
"The hell? I have to buy a baseball cup for Boy #1, tonight for practice tomorrow. What store do they sell them at? What do they look like?"
"Just go to WalMart."
"Seriously, WalMart has them? I don't have to go to a special cup store?"
"Listen, go to the sporting goods section, you have to get an athletic supporter, "
"It holds the cup in place, the cup and get both in probably size youth large."
"Wait one minute. They come in sizes?"

At the dinner table I informed Boy #2 and Boy #3 we were going to WalMart and Boy #1 told them why.
"Oh," says Boy #2, "I need a cup too, if I want to be a catcher or I can just keep borrowing Alex's."
"Wait, you borrow someone's cup?" I was horrified.
"It stays in place when you squat."
"We're getting you one too, no more borrowing, please."
"Can I have a cup too." Boy #3, who was like 5 and had no idea what we were talking about but didn't want to be left out.
I looked at that face, "You aren't going to need one of those yet but we'll get you a Match Box car." His smile always lit up a room.
"Awwww.... wait a minute, I want a Match Box car too."


DouglasDyer said...

I'm guessing your son made you put in the part about being a youth large. It's cool, I would have done the same.

Candice said...

Come on, where's your ingenuity? Wouldn't a simple tupperwear bowl have worked until the hubs could go out and get one?

Skye said...

ROFL, I can just see it! Once at Walmart the hunting for a staff member to help you find what you're looking for, Boy #3 asking "Why can't I have one too?" Boy's #1 & #2 asking for car's as well, or something else. The total bill going from X amount of dollars to XX amount just to try to keep the peace and to not draw attention to Mom who's incredibly uncomfortable with the purchases!

Almost as good as watching the embarrassment of a man buying his daughter pads for the first time...lol!

Nooter said...

sadly i no longer have use for a cup. i feel like such a girl...

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

I am so glad I read this post. Now I will know what to do when Jonathan gets older. Previously I had absolutely no clue.

ReformingGeek said...

That was funny! I guess WallyWorld is good for a few things, huh?

Re Skye's comment, I think dads would be even more embarrassed buying feminine hygiene stuff.

Sue said...

Doug - I never get input from them when posting. I just say, "You have to read what I wrote about you in my blog." And then they panic. He'll thank me for this one though!

Candice - Tupperware totally would have work. I just wasn't thinking.

Skye - It was so hard keeping Boy #1 from being embarrassed back then, he was so sensitive.

Poor Nooter!

Lisa - Glad I could help. Remember Candace's Tupperware idea.

ReformingGeek - There's no way the husband would ever buy those thing. God gave us boys for a reason!