Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You're Making My Head Hurt

"I don't see why I need to learn algebra, it's not like I'm planning on being a algebratition or anything, it's retarded."
"You listen to me Boy #3, you jump through the public school systems hoops and get your diploma, you can only get so far in life fixing my computer, one of these days I might figure out all these thingamabobs, then where will you be?"

It's true the boy is invaluable when it comes to my computer. Last week I lost the sound on it, of course I realized the loss when I stopped in on Unfinished Rambler's blog. Lord knows you have to have sound when you stop there. So I clicked on his Jesus Christ Super Star, "What's the Buzz", YouTube video - no sound. Immediately I thought, "Huh, what's wrong with UR's blog?"
I had the option to totally ignore the video or go to YouTube to see if I had a problem. The option you see, to go through the weekend in ignorant bliss or find that song and firmly place it in my head, to randomly pop into my brain at any given moment.

"There's no sound on my computer, would you fix it?"
"Well did you .....different language,
different language, different language, different language."
"No, how to I do that?"
"Just go to ......different language,
different language, different language, different language."
"Can't you just do that, you're making my head hurt. And I see that look, don't think I don't see that look. This is a totally different situation, I already have my high school diploma. You need to know algebra for when you have kids of your own and they need help with algebra homework. See. I didn't pay attention and it cost me tutors for you. There's no way you can turn this around on me. Now fix mommy's computer so I can get a song stuck in my head."


Karen said...

Ha! I love that. You need to know for when you have kids of your own! I was just doing something the other day that said, this is why you needed to know some math. I don't remember what it was but I remember thinking that.

Nooter said...

whats algebra?

sad parenting camper said...

HA - that was good. I try to keep up with the computer stuff, but after awhile it's all foriegn to everyone.

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Skye said...

I heard that "different language" the same way that Charlie Brown always heard his teachers and parents. You know, the whah whah whah sound!?! Yep, that's what I tend to hear when someone is trying to explain what I need to do to make something work on my '

Relax Max said...

I just downloaded the entire Superstar sound track from iTunes. The one with Ted Neeley and what's her face.

A long time since I have listened to that. But today is Easter, right? Ok, so he didn't rise from the dead in the movie. But they killed him and that was a big part of it, I guess.

Sue said...

Karen - It's really the only reason I can think of for the need of algebra.

Nooter - It's a new snak, I'll send you some.

sad parenting camper - Ummm, thanks for the links?

Skye - The Charlie Brown teacher! Exactly!

Relax Max - I want that sound track too!