Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Inter-Dimensional Rift Opening

It all started at the grocery store as far as I can tell. Every time I touched the shopping cart handle I received a small electric jolt, not unlike the kind of jolt you get when you scuffle along the carpet in your socks then touch your teenagers ear to get them to listen to you. But there was no carpet and I had shoes on, I kept getting shocked, so immediately I thought of The Mist, who wouldn't. I looked outside and there was only sunshine, I couldn't see any things out there....things. I haven't seen The Mist yet, it's sitting on my DVD player, but the boys said the ending is terrible and they were mad enough to throw the DVD after they watched it. I read the book so I can reference The Mist to my hearts content.

The next obvious thing to do was take a survey of the people in the grocery store, you know the ones I'll be trapped in there with, I decided to take my chances with the things. I filled my electrically charged shopping cart with some extra snacks in case I would have to wait out the inter-dimensional rift opening in my SUV. Thankfully I made it home without incident.

Now here's the thing, all week either I've been driving to and from work too fast or everyone on the road is driving to slow. It isn't like me to drive too fast and the odds of everyone on the road driving too slow are slim. The only logical explanation has to be that I was part of some secret government experiment or cover up. Or I watch too much TV.
I'm alright with the government experiment/cover up thing as long as I can eventually develop my powers for good and be able to shoot fire balls out of my hands........ oh and fly.


ReformingGeek said...

Sue, please be quiet about your powers. We need you to save the world, OK? I've been watching Lost so I'm working on my time travel skills. Maybe we can get a few more bloggers to join us and we will be unbeatable!

Shawn said...

Just to say...the ending to The Mist is AWESOME, and completely makes the movie. Funny how tastes differ like that.

DouglasDyer said...

I think I left my shock collar in your grocery cart. I have it rigged to go off when I get near the twinkies.

Nooter said...

you take that shock collar and bury it in the generic candies bin then stand back and wait for the hilarity to ensue

Skye said...

I don't know much about The Mist, either book nor movie, (I did read the jacket cover for the movie) but I sure did enjoy the book The Fog by James Herbert! There seem to be a lot of similarities in the two.

Candice said...

I would much rather get shocked with the cart then go deaf due to all of the clanking.

99 out of 100 times I pick the loudest damn cart possible. You know the one that could benefit from wd-40 and 4 new wheels?

Yes, it's awesome.

Sue said...

ReformingGeek - Good luck trying to figure out the whole time travel, Lost thing. I've been a fan since the beginning and pretty much just watch it now for the eye candy - Sawyer! I'll try to keep my powers a secret until we have to save the world.

Shawn - Alright, I'll watch The Mist then.

Doug - Thanks a lot. I wasn't anywhere near the Twinkies, I swear.

Nooter - You have too much time on your paws, get the human to take you for a walk.

Skye - Is James Herbert a good author? I'm always looking for good authors.

Candice - And one wheel never works, yeah it's awesome.

Skye said...

If you're looking for good authors and sci fi, then he's the one for you. I haven't read anything of his yet that didn't have me entirely enthralled!

Childhoods End is a great book as well, it's by Arthur C. Clarke, another fantastic writer. He also wrote the Odyssey series which is a great read.

The book series of Dune by Frank Herbert (no relation to James) and finished by his son Brian are also incredibly good. I've read a few other's of Brian's as well which are also great.

Another good author is Stuart Woods, although his aren't sci fi, they're more along the lines of being police crime stories, but interesting non the less. He has one sci-fi one that i've read called Under the Lake which is much along the lines of Stephen King and is a companion book (although they can each be read seperately without the other) to Chiefs.

Anyway, I hope that gives you a little something to get started with. If you have any good book suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them :) My kid and I are avid book readers, and I have a very ecclectic taste in books ;)