Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sinus Pressure, A Mocha and What Kind of Math is That?

Leaving the house with a killer sinus headache is never a good idea, especially when there's math involved. Apparently, I managed to secure a place in the Special Olympics this afternoon according to the cashier at the gas station. I don't know what kind of math she was using, but I think her drawer is going to be a dollar short and it isn't my fault. I gave her every opportunity to see the error of her ways. Maybe just several opportunities, because she was making my brain hurt.

I have a 1 dollar winning lottery ticket in one hand (on my way to independent wealth) and a $1.29 mocha in the other. I cashed in my lottery ticket for another one, which cost a dollar. That would make me even with the lottery commission, wouldn't it? Win a dollar, use that dollar to purchase another one dollar ticket. This is where the communication broke down. Then there's my other hand holding the blessed liquid, my beloved mocha cappuccino. I already have my $1.29 out, but she told me I only owed her .29 cents. So I got that confused "I was never good in math" look. She explained again slowly, that I owed her .29 cents (I don't know the key strokes for the cents sign). My eyebrows crunched together, which really hurt. She gave me a look that conveyed the message, 'You're never going to get this, take your mocha and go, try not to hurt yourself on your way out.'

I decided right there that a mocha for .29 cent is going to taste good, my aching head told me to get out before the lottery police got there. Let the cashier deal with them. This post has taken a lot out of me, with all the rehashing, but did I get this wrong? Am I missing something because of the sinus pressure?


David said...

I always make one effort at the "being honest" thing. After that I let the idiot at the register win - in my favor, of course.


ReformingGeek said...

The cashier must have had a headache and forgot that she handed you another ticket?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you-- but like you said-- it was her call. Even if it was wrong. I think. ;)

Skye said...

You're not missing a thing, that cashier is indeed a dollar short on her till! You won $1, had $2.29 in purchases, take your $1 win for $1 of said purchase and you have $1.29 remaining in purchase price. Yep, your math is sound, her's however was not! :D So, you saved yourself a buck, not bad.

About a month ago, I had roughly $300 worth of groceries I was paying for. The cashier totally missed the bag of dogfood still on the bottom rack of my cart. I had already asked someone to help load it onto said cart, and wasn't about to pick it up for her to scan. I pointed out the dog food to her, she says she already scanned it in. I say look at the reciept, you haven't charged me for it yet, she says yes I did. I figure fine, why pay $35 for a bag of dog food that the cashier claims I already paid for? I haven't seen her at that grocery store since. I hope she didn't get fired for that though!

Relax Max said...

I think you should have just asked her for a second lottery ticket and told her to take the 29¢ out of that and give you the ticket and 81¢.

Unless she would prefer you just go get a second cup of coffee.

I don't know about your pc but on my mac it is the dollar sign with the option key held down. What is your option? Alternate? Something like that? Just write the word "cents". How often does it come up. :)

Relax Max said...

Do you remember Paper Moon with a little Tatum O'neil and her father, running scams in little towns? Her father (played by her real father, Ryan O'neil) would go into the store and buy something for like $2 and pay with a $20 bill and get $18 change. Only he would write "Happy Birthday Little Maddie" on the $20 first. Then a little later, little Maddie would come in and buy something and pay with a $5 bill and get her change. But when the lady gave her change for the five, Maddie told the cashier she had given her a $20 and that she owed her another $15. When the lady refuses, little Maddie starts to cry and make a fuss, and the manager comes out and asks what is going on and Maddie tells him she paid with a $20 her auntie had given her for her birthday and that this lady won't give her the proper change. So the manager looks in the till and sees the $20 that says "Happy Birthday Little Maddie" on it, and makes the cashier give the little girl her $15. Then Maddie and her daddy lam out of town before the store figures it out. This was back in the depression. I'm guessing it would still work with your friend at the store there.

I didn't know this story was going to be so long or I would never started it. Sorry.

Karen said...

I hope I never hire her to work in our store.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Numbers make me dizzy. So, now I'm dizzy and I'm not sure if you were the ditz or she was. Our boss has been switching people around at our office and I keep dropping "major" hints at how bad I am with numbers so if he loses another employee he won't think he can move me into the position that deals with money. Bad, bad, and very bad idea. I'll sink this company in under a week. Guaranteed.

Sue said...

David - Right, if she'd have been ripping me off a buck I would have stayed there until I made my point.

ReformingGeek - Very weird.

Thank you Tricia!

Skye - Obviously that cashier was trying to get rid of you and didn't want to ring you up again! LOL!

Relax Max - Eveverything is easier to find on a Mac, I miss my Mac.
If only I would have thought of running these scams when my kids were younger and cuter, now that they are teenagers they raise suspicion as soon as they walk into a convenience store.

Karen - She has dark brown hair, wears it in a ponytail and her face is round.

Jonny's Mommy - Sorry to make you dizzy.