Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here

And the snow continues to fall, documented information of the great snowfall of December, 2010 :
I took two vacation days on Dec. 6th and 7th to hang out with mother, you know, Christmas shop and to do lunch. Instead the snow began to fall Sunday and has not stopped. Mother and I, via a telephone conversation decided Monday to stay home, off the treacherous roads. Tuesday our AM conversation consisted of a little bit of swearing, she's the one that taught me how to swear but will deny it, bad mouthing Mother Nature and a general pissy attitude where we decided to try again Saturday.
"Saturday?" She said, "Why don't you just quit that job?"
"Then you'd have to pay for lunch mom."
"Oh, let's try Saturday then."
I stayed in the house all day Monday and all day Tuesday. So I feel I have a jump on cabin fever. See, I'm going to go crazy first. Being cooped up in the house for long periods of time seems appealing to you at first. You can get stuff done like, catch up on all the sitcoms you recorded over the fall and never got around to watching. Eat ice cream for lunch. Stay in your jammies all day or at least late in the day and just hurry up and get dressed before anyone gets home from work, that way the won't suspect you are on you way to going off the deep end sooner than usual. The trick is to keep crazy to yourself as long as possible, wait for everyone to catch up to you, because they will. It's a natural transition from our carefree 2, maybe 3 weeks of summer in Northeast, Ohio to Almost Winter, Winter and Still Winter. Once we all catch up to the same kind of crazy, we can start to climb the walls, throw on a pair of boots while still in our bathrobes to get the mail, flip off the snow plow that sends snow from the street back into your driveway you just got done shoveling, stop caring whether our hats, gloves and scarves match, hell as long as you have a left and right glove it really doesn't matter what color they are does it? Yeah we have some good times coming our way baby. Northeast, Ohio weather, yeah wonderful, really.


Symdaddy said...

I have never had the pleasure of being snowed in ... that is to say, I've been snowed in, but have refused to let myself succumb to the white menace.

I have never missed a call ... never failed to reach a client in five years working in the care industry.

Sanity, however, is something which has eluded me over that period of time as I constantly rant and rave about the abilities of other drivers in snow.

My forehead is absolutely flat from banging my head against brick walls.

Give my regards to you mum!

ReformingGeek said...

I'm so sorry about the snow. Please keep it there and post photos of your dog playing in it!

BTW, I have gifts on my blog. I hope yours cheers you up.

Don't eat yellow snow.

Leeuna said...

Well, that sucks. I hate to get snowed in. I don't mind staying home when I can go out anytime I want to, but if my car tears up or I get snowed in it makes me feel like a prisoner.

Hope you and your mom get to go shop on Saturday.

Sue said...

Symdaddy - I'll drive in it for work but it just didn't seem worth it to shop, that and having mother as a side seat driver too.

Carol - I wanted to include photos but didn't get around to it. We have another snow storm on the way Sunday, I'll try then. Although you might not be able to see the dog by then, we have almost three feet of it now.

Leeuna - Saturday is looking good for shopping, more snow on the way for Sunday.