Saturday, November 15, 2008

And The Tantrum Ensued

I'd like to thank the three snot-nosed children behind me at the Wal-Mart checkout for inspiring this post. Along with their clueless parents of course. With the shopping cart separating us, I loaded my bags. Keeping a sharp eye on the little darlings, hoping they would keep their grimy little hands off my stuff.
Having three children myself I know that four hands against six never ends well. That is why I always grocery shopped alone. Grocery shopping is a chore, not a family outing. One able bodied parent is all you need to complete the task. It always amazed me that an entire family would venture out to do this weekly chore. Everyone gets done faster if you leave them at home, everyone. A family of five blocks an aisle, keeping me from progressing towards my goal - being done. Inevitable temper tantrums block aisles also. When they get loose, they hinder your progress by running in front of your squeaky shopping cart.
These three children managed to keep their booger laced fingers off my groceries and toiletries, they had more interest in the impulse buying items to the left and right of them. Their mother explained that they had Halloween buckets of candy at home, but this logic failed to register and the tantrum ensued.


David said...

Wal-mart tantrums by the rednecked demon spawn are always the best.

Sue said...

Yeah that's a great way to describe it. Most people would get pissed but not us bloggers, we encourage it.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Wal-Mart, huh? Whenever a humor blogger needs a post, Sam Walton's place always comes through, doesn't it? I just went there today myself and found "hilarity," as well as at Taco Bell, of all places.

Sue said...

unfinished rambler - The Wal-Mart never disappoints. My Dry Cleaner is good to me too!

Shieldmaiden96 said...

If you time it just right, and you are certain their parents aren't looking, you can catch the back of their ankles with the cart.

I've also done nothing to avoid a Child vs. cart t-bone....I could hear the child coming, running, saw the head not pointed in the direction of the feet, and I let it happen.

I know.