Monday, November 24, 2008

For When The Zombies Attack

"I found another box of canned goods in the garage. What's it doing there?" The husband asked me with his 'I already know the answer to this question but I what to hear you say it out loud' voice.'
"For when the zombies attack dear."
"You watched Shaun of The Dead again?"
"If it can happen to a bunch of people in England, it can happen to us."
"Our youngest child sleeps with a golf club next to his bed because he knows you have to remove the head or kill the brain."

So I have some food stored away. There's nothing wrong with being prepared. We live in Northeast Ohio, the place where weathermen threaten us with "lake effect" snow and "Alberta Clippers" on a daily basis throughout our excruciatingly long winter. Any day we could wake up to 10 feet of snow barricading our first and secondary exits. Well I have enough tuna and Spam to last us a month if necessary.

I did watch Shaun of the Dead Saturday and I can't get Don't Stop Me Now by Queen out of my head. Caution "F" word:


dad and the kids said...

I hate it when a song gets stuck in my head..
Hey, my son finally learned how to ride his bike w/o training wheels - yeah - but i feel bad, I was recording himand I could help thinking " if he crashes this would make a great you tube video" .... I such a bad dad......
see the video

Sue said...

You're not a bad dad! We've all thought that! LOL!

Anonymous said...

tuna and spam...ew. I hope not together. :)

That part of the movie is my favorite, although there are a lot of good parts in it.

Kelly said...

Hubby and I are always prepared for zombies. (And I watch Shawn of the Dead at least once a week...just to brush up).

Sue said...

I wish I wouldn't have got rid of all my albums years ago. I guess I wasn't thinking about zombies back then.