Saturday, November 08, 2008

What's Inside Sue's Head?

Answering the door wrapped in a bath towel was not an option this morning, so the leaf raking guy next door took my dog to his back yard to play with his dog. I stuck my head out the door after drying and putting something on and yelled, "I was in the shower! Sorry!" You have to be careful with neighbors while not wanting to get the neighborhood gossiping about answering the door wrapped in a towel, I also have to let this guy know I'm not ignoring him. Neighborhood politics taken care of, I now had time to ponder my filled sinus cavities.

Italicized type will be known as my inside thoughts. The thoughts better left inside than out and since I try to keep a PG-13 blog, I'll use slang for the profanity laced arguments I have with the oblivious.

Huh! Didn't I just get finished with antibiotics for an effing sinus infection?
See I did this out of control sinus infection thing 3 years ago, it's all in my medical records. And this is what I told the other doctor in the office that took care of me instead of the one I saw 3 years ago because she's on vacation.

"Oh that was a few years ago, your records are in storage."
"We'll start you on these antibiotics....."
"a decongestant and you need to drink liquids to get that mucus to loosen up....."
'How many co-pays are you trying to get out this pal?'
"Lots of vitamin C."
'And back and forth to the gosh darn pharmacy to see what will work instead of digging through a closet to see what does. Three years ago when I did this shhh-stuff I had a blast, especially with the holidays coming up. I love to shop strung out on "may cause drowsiness" cold medicine, cough syrup and antibiotics.'

So waking up with another "eye popping out" headache didn't surprise me, just ticked me off. When I take the boys to their doctor, they have a complete medical history from birth to present on a laptop. Jiminy Christmas jump into the 21st Century for crying out loud.
I'll be taking matters into my own hands this afternoon. I kept records on the medications, x-rays, CAT scans and office visits from the last time this happened. I just have to remember where I stored the son of a puppies.


Karen said...

Oh my. I hope they get their act together and get you well.

Ellen said...

I can definitely relate to your sinus issues, Sue. Reading about them in your other posts made me laugh so hard. Then I would start coughing, then coughing so hard I started gagging (get the picture here), then I would have to spit all that S@?%#T up :). Now I'm taking Target's version of Musinex (Mucus Relief DM)and it seems to be helping most of the time. If I start talking to someone for a long period of time, I start coughing like crazy. The weatherman said we have lots of cedar around here. hmmmmmm

Sue said...

Thank you Karen! Oh I'll straighten them out!

Sue said...

Ellen that Musinex is good stuff! And I feel your pain, I've lost a couple lunches already because of the coughing! ewwwww!