Tuesday, November 18, 2008

But I’ve Procrastinated

It was inevitable; I’ve been literally sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing with my free blog www.diabeticride.com. I won it in a contest almost a year ago and have hardly done anything with it. I have a little over two months left of the freeness of it. The decision will have to be made whether to keep it or not. You know pay for it now. I had such plans, but Word Press baffled me. I know there are many knowledgeable bloggers out there with free information, but I’ve procrastinated. I hate when that happens.

Cpanels, web hosting, domain hosting, well they’ve left me crossed-eyed. And I know once I get into it I’ll end up crying too. But since I’m not a quitter I’ve just made the decision to spend Black Friday on my blog – all day. I have the day off and I won’t be shopping with the crazy people.

I came up with the idea of Diabetic Ride when the husband was diagnosed with diabetes two days before Christmas last year. A blog to tactfully and tastefully make fun of the husband’s life threatening disease. It can be done. I do it out of love, really, as I learn how to keep him alive.

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