Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boy #3 Set Me Up

"I'm going to eat ice cream for lunch."
"I think you should." Boy #3 encouraged me.
"I can eat ice cream for lunch if I want to, you can't because you're still growing and you need to eat healthy."
"I'm making myself a sandwich right now." Boy #3 agreed with me.
"If I want to get this laundry done and blog, I don't have time to be opening jars and stuff. I have over half of a large German Chocolate Blizzard just sitting in the freezer."
"I'll eat left-overs for dinner." Boy #3 was helpful.
"That would be great, I could get a lot done."
"No problem mom." Boy #3 smiled at me.
"Do you have any homework tonight?"
"I'm doing it as soon as I'm done with my healthy sandwich." Boy #3 is being responsible.
Somethings not right, can you feel that?
"Mom?" Boy #3 was up to something.
Uh Oh.
"Friday, I'm going to spike my hair up for school." Boy #3 was making his move.
"Absolutely not."
"Oh come on now, you wouldn't want grandma to find out you ate ice cream for lunch would you?" Boy #3 set me up.


Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

In our world, it's grandma who give the kids ice cream for lunch.

Sue said...

Not in my world, you have to have a vegetable before you can indulge.

Ellen said...

LOL LOL LOL You'll are so funny. I think he gotcha Sue!!!!

Karen said...

LOL, that is so funny. Smart kid.

Sue said...

Thank you Karen and Ellen!