Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Tree of Blogs

I learned something new today! Further proof that yes, you learn something new every day. Oh and my new discovery today is how to take a screen shot, thank you Heather!
Look, I'm so excited. This screen shot is from Jessica's blog - See the Christmas Tree on her blog, well all the ornaments on the tree are linked to other blogs. Mine is the red one on the top of the tree, right in the middle. Thank you Jessica. Some people are so clever. I have to go make another screen shot before I forget how to do it.


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

That's awesome!!! I love learning new fun things like this :) After giving you the info, I tried it again too, just to make sure I don't forget. Yours looks great - I see you changed the size - I always have trouble with that as I don't have a good program to edit photos. Nice job and thanks for the link!

Sue said...

Thank you Heather! I have PhotoShop so I didn't have any trouble once I had the image. Look around in your programs for somewhere that has "image size" and you should be able to change the size there.