Friday, December 14, 2007

Must Keep my Readers

The very last thing that I want to happen after getting home from the husbands Christmas party is for the dog to get diarrhea. If I had a crystal ball earlier in the evening I would have taken it easy on the vodka. But I was unable to dodge the inevitable drama that unfolded later that evening. The details of last night will remain a mystery to my readers as I having been working hard to gain readers not loose them.
I also have a sick kid at home. Boy #3 has the dreaded bad cold that the husband brought home. I'm waiting for him to wake up so I can make him soup. The mothering instinct is seeded deep within me and I must feel his forehead soon or I will loose my purpose in life. So if I have to wake him to make sure he's okay and to ask him how he's feeling, then so be it.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that boy #3 is sick! It's rough when kids get sick. Hope he gets all better in time for Santa!!

Sue said...

Thank you! I'm trying to decide if I should keep him home from school again Monday. All the snow we are having in Northeast Ohio might give them a snow day anyway. That would work out well for us!