Sunday, December 23, 2007

Diabetes! What do we do now?

If I wasn't so busy with all the "holiday stuff" I'd be starting a new blog, today, right now. The husband was diagnosed with diabetes Friday. Let me tell you there is never a good time to be diagnosed with diabetes, but the Friday before Christmas is a really bad time. He was having headaches and his blood pressure was high. So he was sent for a blood test, then sent back again but told to fast this time. The doctor calls him Friday afternoon and tells him he has diabetes, stop by the office for a prescription.
Here's the part where we realize that the Friday before Christmas is a bad time to be diagnosed with diabetes. The husband stops to pick up his prescription, no doctor in the office. The receptionist hands him his prescription and a blood sugar level taking thingamajig. Yes, we are that clueless when it comes to diabetes. She tells him to keep a record of his sugar levels and call them in two weeks, cause the office will be closed due to the holidays. This is about when smoke started to come out of my nose and ears, my eyes started to bulge out and turn red and I could not for the life of me form an intelligible sentence.
We have numerous diabetics in the family, but you know how when people start to talk about their health problems you only less than half way listen? Yeah, so the husband and I are clueless. He drinks a lot of Pepsi, so he stopped drinking Pepsi and started drinking juice. His friend explained to us about natural sugars. Doh!
The reason for the new blog? Simple, this is a life changing disease. It will not only change the husbands life, but mine and the boys as well. We have a lot to learn as you can tell by reading this post. I will have the new blog up ASAP and hope you will join me and the husband on our diabetes journey.


cristlegirl said...

It is a hard disease to deal with, I was just diagnosed in May myself.

I do have a blog about diabetes and my experience with it. if you want to check it out. you can get to it on my profile or on the ppp boards.

He really needs to watch his carb intake, and you should be checking into classes, they helped me a lot! They tell you how to eat and when to eat and give you a meal plan and everything.

A tip for the holiday, you can eat those cookies, just not too many. The doctor told me during the holidays you can indulge as long as you know why your sugar is high.

Hope it helps and merry Christmas.

AmyT said...

Hi Sue,

I feel for you and your family. I happen to run one of the leading diabetes blogs on the web,

PLEASE stop by and look around. I'd also be happy to talk with your husband if he needs a primer.

All the best,

Amy Tenderich

Sue said...

Thank you ladies! This is exactly why I made this post - to find other diabetes bloggers! I will definately check out your blogs.

MyChronicLife said...

How awful Sue. I sure hope he can stay away from the sweets this time of year. Try to get as much info as you can on the web an maybe the health department may have some classes.

Thank goodness it was diagnosed before the doctor went on vaction though. Think of what a mess that would be.

Merry Chrstmas my friend!

Sue said...

Thanks Connie! Merry Christmas to you too!

kevinatgrannys said...

Glad he caught it before it started causing real damage. Hopefully they gave some sort of dietary recommendations...
Please let me know when you get the new blog set up.

Sue said...

Hi Kevin! Did you wander all the way over here from The Crabby Host? Thanks! My biggest problem with the husbands diabetes is, no they didn't give us much information and we are kind of winging it. The ladies in the doctors office were in vacation mode. We have a lot of family members with advice coming from all different directions. Our heads are spinning but I think we are getting a handle on things!
Merry Christmas Kevin and everyone!!

Anonymous said...

there is nothing positive about diabetes whatsoever. nevertheless, you will have to put up with an endless procession of feel-good literature and posing doctors calling it the "healthy disease" so they can pretend to be grown-up and professional. you will also soon learn most medical professionals are clueless about diabetes

1) buy Dr Bernsteins book on Diabetes, most of the rest are BS. never never NEVER bother with any literature written by a non-diabetic

2) carbs are every bit as bad as sugar when it comes to blood-sugar. you won't be able to eat much aside from meat, nuts, cheese, and a few select vegetables

3) the recommended level for blood sugar readings from your doctor will be total BS. follow them and you will wind up blind, impotent, and crippled. try to stay between 4 and 5. even 7 is too high.

4) if your blood sugar falls bellow 3... panic! better to go over, than to pass out

good luck. hopefully the pharma asshats will find a cure some day soon. i wouldnt hold my breath though