Monday, December 03, 2007

Bring It On Baby!

Here comes the snow and I say bring it on baby! I live in Northeast Ohio, it snows plenty here. Whether you complain, pray or cry, the snow is coming and it's staying until March. Last year we had more snow than we had in a long time. While Boy #2, Boy #3 and I were shoveling about two feet of the shh .... stuff last winter I asked them if they ever remember having this much snow before.
In unison, "No."
Then what came out of my mouth next was the sound of somebodies grandmother, "I remember back in '76 or no was it '77 ....... we had so much snow we had a whole week off of school."
Let it snow, I've seen it all and I'm ready. Besides, snow is cleaner than rain. Once that ground freezes I don't have to clean mud off the dogs paws.

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