Friday, December 07, 2007

My Name is Suzanne

Is that so hard to remember? I am assumed to be Susan, all the time. This is even when I say, my name is Suzanne. While making doctors or dentist appointments over the phone I'm asked my name, I tell them Suzanne and two beats later I hear,
"Okay Susan we'll see you next week."
My pharmacist has me on file as Suzanne, but calls me Susan. It can be written, on paper, right in front of someones face and still what comes out of their mouths - Susan. Telemarketers, ah they're suppose to get it wrong, never mind. How much correcting can I do without seeming bitchy? After years of this name abuse, I've gone numb. Call me Susan I don't care, whatever.
I did put up a good fight for my name until I relayed this information to my mother. She says to me,
"Yeah, I wish I would have named you Susan."
Talk about knocking the wind out of your sails.


Menopauseprincess said...

Oh it could be much worse. I have a rather deep voice, and I don't know how many times I get called "sir".

As I get older I don't get quite so annoyed...not quite.

Sue said...

Yes, I've mellowed with age also! LOL!