Monday, September 13, 2010

10 reasons I'm crabby today

These are not in any order of importance, remember I'm crabby and I shall not put forth the effort.

1. It's Monday.
2. I couldn't get my bra straps in the right spot all day, all day I suffered.
3. I'm 40 something and still treated like a child at work. I get my tedious work done in a timely fashion and don't need to be checked up on. I should have taken school seriously and I wouldn't be in this position, ahhhh to be young and stupid again.
4. My dishwasher is broken.
5. I'm scared Prince Poppycock isn't going to win America's Got Talent. He's made it to the final 4 but I don't think he has a good enough sob story to win over the sappy hearts of the American people. Michael Grimm trots out his aging grandparents every episode. Fighting Gravity gave up a semester of college to follow their dream. The little opera singer is just way to cute and has a voice of an angel, unless she's lip sinking, which I don't think she is but you still have to give her credit for remembering all those Italian words. I'm scared for you Prince Poppycock, I suggest you do some crying after your last performance.
6. I watch America's Got Talent.
7. I found out today that the polar bears in Alaska do not float around on icebergs drinking Coca-Cola. Can you believe we've been dooped all this time? Speaking of dooped how about that Global Warming, huh? Nissan you have got to be kidding me.
8. I broke my ankle bracelet this morning, two minutes before I had to leave for work. I will be finding teeny weeny little beads for all eternity.
9. I have to go to work again, tomorrow.
10. Did I mention it's Monday?
In case I've dragged your spirits down, here is a very funny video from America's Got Talent this year:


ReformingGeek said...

Evil Twin likes to mess with micro-managers. Would you like to borrow her for awhile?

Go braless tomorrow, 'K?

Candice said...

Will America's got talent ever. freaking. end????

Leeuna said...

Mondays! Sppptts! I spit in the face of Monday. Cheer up, there's only four more days until Friday. (I'm usually beaten down and haggard by Wednesday)

I haven't been keeping up with America's Got Talent, but Wayne loves it.

Sue said...

Carol - Please oh please send the evil twin to mess with the micro manager.
I could go braless and no body would know.

Candice - It's done this week. Survivor starts Wednesday!!!

Leeuna - I hate to wish away the days, this year has gone so fast. This job is a drag, got to make a change soon!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I hate it when I can't get my bra straps in the right spot.

Oops! I guess I shouldn't have admitted that.

Hey, guess what? That's two posts in a row that have mentioned ladies' undergarments and two comments in a row that indicate I'm a secret crossdresser.

One of us needs some help.

Or a wardrobe consultant.

Sorry you're crabby, by the way. Me, too. Just gotta wait it out.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

P.S. -- Sue, every time I leave you a comment, I get an e-mail saying my e-mail was rejected by your server. I tried to e-mail you about it, but then I got an e-mail saying the same thing.

None of this is going to help your mood, of course.

Sue said...

Mike - I think you can totally go strapless, seriously. I have no idea what to do about this email problem, what the hell?