Thursday, May 21, 2009

And There Will Be Free Chipolte For All

Nothing says great day at work like free Chipolte. Except maybe if they brought us Margaretta's too. God Bless the woman at work that had the sense to put her business card in the Chipolte fishbowl on the counter near the cash register while buying lunch. Who thinks of stuff like that? People that think ahead that's who and she will forever be my favorite co-worker. Chipolte drew her business card out of their "free lunch for work" fishbowl. I always thought those things were for a restaurants mailing list, didn't think they actually came through with the free lunch. My favorite co-worker picked up about 20 burritos and asked me to get on the company page to announce lunch was served.
"Attention please! Chipolte has entered the building. Please pick up your burrito in the break-room."
We all happily ate our free lunch in the conference room, when I decided we needed to go on to the next level. To blanket the immediate area with our business cards, everywhere there is a "free lunch fishbowl" someone needs to put a business card in.
"If we take this seriously enough we can be eating free once a week at least."
I think it's one of my best idea's ever or I'm still basking in the glow of my free burrito. A burrito high.


ReformingGeek said...

Yum! Those burritos are huge!

Allergies and Dad said...

It's great - free lunch that is. Sound like a great dy.
Me on the other hand - yesterday I learned a funny joke, spent $233 dollars against my will - and had one of the worst times ever.... but don't tell my wife....

Haley said...

Chipolte burritos are high on my list of best food on the planet! Sounds like your having a great Friday. Better call it a day and head home now before somebody ruins it.

Nooter said...

say, if i send you my business card will you place it in the free food bowl? or at least point me to a website where i can purchase said free food bowl. thank you

derek bowles said...

I am seriously jealous. I love Chipolte. And that is a great idea, I think I am going to make business cards just do that.

erv said...

hey sue,
Thanks for sharing my allergy story. I like to think that I looked more like Rocky when he said "cut me Mick."

Candice said...

Free lunch is great. However, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere near your place of business about an hour or so after those bad boys were consumed.

I'd be afraid of another chernobyl incident.

Sue said...

ReformingGeek - It was my dinner too!

Allergies and Dad - It was the best day!

Haley - The husband and I are pretty sure the put crack in those burrito's because we're addicted.

Derek - You should go work there instead of McDonalds.

erv - Identify yourself! hmmmmmm

Candace - I leave at 2:00 so I missed the mad rush to the bathrooms.

erv said...

I'll give a hint. You,re coming to my house on Sunday for my son,s birthday and cook out

Sue said...

erv - I can guarantee everyone will be calling you erv now!

Or Uncle Erv!!!