Friday, May 15, 2009

The Fish Heads in my Freezer

And let me explain the logic behind that title. The husband is a fisherman, so are the boys, after coming home from a long day of fishing the fish must be cleaned. You have to chop their heads off and then there's guts too. The brilliant plan, and it's a good one when properly followed through, is to put the fish heads and guts in zip lock bags.
But wait there's more!
If you put the zip lock bags in the freezer and then dispose of them on garbage day, you've locked in and frozen fish gut smell on those hot summer days. It's genius. Have you ever smelled fish guts that have been in the garbage for 3 days?
But remember to follow through with the plan, for about the last two years, I've had two zip lock bags of fish heads that stare at me every time I open my freezer. The last year or so I've tried not to make eye contact with them especially when I take out a bag of fish fillets for dinner, it's kind of awkward. The husband and I haven't taken the garbage since the boys learned to walk and we have remembering issues. But it is all his fault.


The Offended Blogger said...

Yuck! I have a story that will make your fish heads less icky though.

Our friends, who are avid hunters like ourselves, shot a large elk one year. The husband froze the head in a huge deep freeze with every intention of having it mounted so that he could show it off.

A few months later, when he could afford the taxidermist, he sent his wife and I in to retrieve the thing and well..

...the freezer had somehow been unplugged. For weeks, possibly months.

I can still smell it just thinking of it! :(

Relax Max said...

ummm... bury them? Good for the soil. Just do it deep enough so dogs can't smell them. Of course the plastic bags will never break down, so maybe that wouldn't work. If they ever "melt" it is a good idea, though. :)

How's it going?

(If your lot is not large enough to have an extra acre of raw dirt to bury them, still no problem - There must be a neighbor You don't especially like. Drive by at night and flip it out the window.

Or there is always the Walmart Dumpster that already stinks. And you are there a lot. Right? I mean, since there is no more snow...

Nooter said...

Fish heads, Fish heads
Roly poly Fish heads
Fish heads, Fish heads
Eat them up, Yum!
(gotta watch the whole thing)

David said...

Maybe you can just bury that stuff in the garden for compost. covered with dirt, it shouldn't smell much or for long.

After all, they put fish meal in all that fertilizer, don't they?

Sue said...

Offended Blogger - Dear God! Rotting Elk head beats rotting fish heads any day!

Relax Max - My dad rids himself of fish heads in WalMart dumpsters, that not an uncommon occurrence. He braver than I am.

Nooter - You're giving me an assignment? How long is it?

David - My dog would definitely dig them up!

ReformingGeek said...

You have a brave, brave women. I think staring at fish heads would be a good diet trick. ;-)