Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Girl Hammer, One Cute Kid and One Creepy Kid

My mom sent me on a wild goose chase for her Mother's Day present, actually she told me exactly where to find it but I thought I'd be able to find the "girl hammer" at one of all the other places I had to go to today - no.
A girl hammer is a hammer with flowers on it, apparently my 72 year old mother needs a hammer all to herself, for what, I have no idea. But she keeps one handy and my father finds it, uses it and never puts it back in its rightful place. Now her hammer with flowers on it will stay put because no self respecting handyman will use a hammer with flowers on it. We'll fix him good. I really, really tried to post a photo but my aging camera wouldn't cooperate, sorry. They have them at eBay if you search "For Ladies Only" hammer. I searched that on google images and got some unrelated things not suitable for my blog.

During my shopping spree today at a local department store, not WalMart for a change Relax Max, (and the snow is all melted in the parking lot, thank you for asking in your 1,000 word comment) I ran into one cute kid and one creepy kid.
Cute kid: "Daddy can't we just buy mommy a golden necklace with diamonds on it?"
The cute kid knew mom a lot better than dad did. Dad was actually attempting to pick out an outfit in the clothing section.

Creepy kid: Well, he was hugging a mannequin with no head.


ReformingGeek said...

Kids are possessed by aliens, right?

My mom will be 72 this year. Yikes! I just realized this.

DouglasDyer said...

I used to hug headless mannequins when I was a kid and I turned out all right. Now please excuse me while I go rub Velveeta on the neighbor's labrador.

Skye said...

Yep, sometimes kids know best what to get Mom for a gift! Becca always knows what to get me, one year it was a potted geranium, the next year it was a potted chrysanthemum. Other years it's been things she's made, drawn or painted. I wonder what I'll be getting this year?

What did you get for mother's day Sue?

Lori said...

We totally dig this blog!

Check out ours when you get a sec!

-Lo and Li

Sue said...

ReformingGeek - Yikes is right! And my mom will also be 72 this year and not very happy with me for adding it on already.

Doug - Please tell me you don't live anywhere near the Northeast Ohio area.

Skye - I have a special place in my curio cabinet for the pottery my kids made me when they were little. This year I got hanging plants for my front porch.

Thank you Lori!

Relax Max said...

Thank you for the link. :) I do get carried away sometimes. I will turn over a new leaf. I am a gold and diamonds guy. It never goes wrong.