Monday, January 10, 2011

Help, I've fallen and I can get up but would like some assistance

Anyone? No? Ouch.

See when a child falls, they bounce. When an adult falls, it's kind of like a thud. A child will completely forget they fell almost immediately especially if they are on their way somewhere. Now when an adult goes down with a thud they lay there for a while accessing the damage. And waiting for the rest of the household to come running to their aid. Except in my household.

The husband wasn't feeling well, I made him some hot tea and took a look at the blanket he had wrapped himself in. This is the "living room" blanket, the one we keep handy if we need it. It's also right there for the dog to destroy at her leisure. She has a thing for blankets, especially comforters. I'm certain she thinks we have any endless supply, but we are starting to get low on the ones the kids use to have on there beds. It was time for a new "living room" blanket so I went to the closet. And since I'm a FaceBook addict there is crap all over the place and on my way out of the spare room I tripped over the collage frame I've been meaning to fill with pictures. I almost regained my balance but stepped on the colorful, sports themed comforter and down I went, with a thud of course.

I lay there waiting for something to start to hurt, the shoulder was first, see that went into the wall and then I slid down from there. I'm happy to say I didn't hit my head, so no brain damage, thank God. I began to swear, moan, say ouch, the only movement in the house was the dog trying to find a way over me to get down the hallway. I was sure she was going to get help. The husband was right at the end of the hall in his recliner watching football oblivious to my plight. I could be dying here, unconscious and in a puddle of blood and he'd be wondering if I was going to make him a sandwich.

I got up on my own and managed to walk down the rest of the hall carrying the damn blanket. "Here."


"I got you a new blanket and fell in the hallway."

"I didn't ....."

"I know you didn't."

Things are starting to hurt today, but I think I'll survive. I'll probably start wearing a helmet in the house since I know now I'm on my own and have to protect my brain but also embarrass my family.


ReformingGeek said...

Oh, OUCHIE! I'm so sorry you fell.

Have you considered padded walls?

MAFW said...

I slipped on the ice out on the patio on Christmas day and ended up with a softball-sized bruise on my butt. Then I fell yesterday too, on the ice and coincidentally, I was wearing the same slippers. Note to self: Do not wear slippers outside when ice is anywhere close.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

"I could be dying here, unconscious and in a puddle of blood and he'd be wondering if I was going to make him a sandwich."

And you did, Sue.

Now he owes you. Work the guilt, sister, and get something good out of it. It's every woman for herself out there.

Symdaddy said...

Just put that in your profile ...

... 'I do not bounce!'

Symdaddy said...

When this happens to my wife, I run in to see that she's ok and she says "Don't be so bloody stupid. 's only a bump!"

Last week I didn't hear her 'accident' so I didn't do the 'running and seeing if she was ok' thing and, although she'd only bumped an open door, I was severely chastised for my lack of response.

You can't win (at least you women don't let us men win).

Unfinished Rambler said...

Hey, you survived. What are you complaining about, lady? ;)

Oh, and you're not my sister, unlike Mike who seems to live under the illusion that you are.

Sue said...

Carol - I've considered a rubber room.

MAFW - I know it's a drag to change shoes just to run out for something, but I've always regretted it when there's snow.

Mike - I'm going shoe shopping! And haven't not yet cooked this week.

Symdaddy - You're doing it all wrong. You run to her ask her if she's alright and offer to finish what she's in the middle of, whether it be making dinner, laundry, folding laundry, dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing the floor, loading the dishwasher, stuff like that.

UR - I barely survived, lucky to be alive I tell you.

Relax Max said...

Happy New Year, Sue.

I don't know what to make of this. Did you really just do a whole post about falling down? Cool. I'm glad you aren't permanently damaged. Too bad it didn't happen inside Walmart, eh? Well, I know you are not litigious, but a few extra bucks from a certain Arkansas corporation would come in handy after Christmas.

But you had to waste it by doing it at home.

Leeuna said...

Sorry you had a bad "trip". That's the way it is with men -- only Wayne laughs so hard he can't help me up, so usually I don't let on that I've even fallen.

Sue said...

Relax Max - I'm not permanently damaged but my shoulder has hurt all week. I didn't receive as much sympathy as I had hoped. A pair of new boots wil make thing a little better though.

Leeuna - Laughs at you? Don't let him get away with that.