Friday, January 21, 2011

I’ll scrape those windows until my fingers bleed

Here is my first writing assignment. I had five beginning phrases to pick from, tell a short story with 300 words or less in five minutes. I submitted it and am awaiting the evaluation. I'm putting my thick skin on now. Mommy.
They called it a near miss, but I called it poor planning on my part. It was Egg McMuffin Friday, my reward for dragging my butt out of bed five days in a row and getting to work on time. Several things factor into accomplishing this goal, a quick shower, the dog taking a quick pee, a great cup of coffee, minimal conversation with the rest of the household, the contacts going in without incident, a good hair day, the moon in the seventh house and Jupiter aligning with Mars. When this happens, drive-thru here I come.
I had my one sided conversation with the quick peeing dog, “You be a good girl today, mommy has to go to work.” She cocked her head to the side, wagged her tail and conveyed to me that all would be well. Satisfied that she had the house under control, I wrapped my scarf around my neck several times, put on my coat and gloves, grabbed my purse and opened the door. “Son of ………….” I knew it was too good to be true, I was moving a break-neck Egg McMuffin speed, I had to have forgotten something. Snow. Four inches of freshly fallen snow. I looked back at the dog, “I forgot to start the car, now I have to scrape if I’m going to make it to my Egg McMuffin. It’s what? Fifteen degrees out there?” I thought of that delicious Egg McMuffin and the large piping hot mocha cappuccino with caramel, “I’ll scrape those windows until my fingers bleed, this is my reward darn it and I shall have it come hell or high water, or a frozen windshield.”


ReformingGeek said...

Good job, Sue!

We almost hit 15 this morning and I drive right by McDonald's. No sandwich for me, though. :(

Jamie said...

A+. Now... what time does McDonalds open? My stomach is growling.

Symdaddy said...

I have only ever been to a McDonald's twice in my life.

When I was in Canada some years back, I went to one that served burgers the size of dinner plates and what went on it was purely down to my discretion.

I tried a British McDonald's when I came back and was amazed that they ONLY had pre-made burgers and I couldn't pick and choose what went on it. They were also smaller than a saucer!

I was so disappointed that I never went again!

Oh, yeah! Nearly forgot ... good job on that windscreen. Hope you enjoyed your treat.

Leeuna said...

Great job with the prompt. yummm. The Egg McMuffin is about the only thing I like from McDonald's. I love them. Now you've made me want one and they've quit serving breakfast today. Thanks a lot.

Venom said...

Bet you get an A!

Relax Max said...

I should never begin reading your posts in the middle. It's a bad habit I learned in a creative reading course.

"You be a good girl today, mommy has to go to work." She cocked her head to the side, wagged her tail..."


Ok, she is probably not talking about a little girl. Back to the beginning I go.

"Another McDonald's post," I think, wagging my tail at the prospect.

I don't think they are going to let you say the word pee in this writing class of yours. I've already warned you.

Did you know if you spray your card windows down with water before going to bed, there won't be any ice to scrape off in the morning? It's an old Polish trick. Try it.

Sue said...

Carol - 15 in Texas, say it isn't so.

Jamie - Thank you! They open at God aweful early o'clock.

Symdaddy - I did enjoy my Egg McMuffin, thank you.

Leeuna - Thank you! Egg McMuffins are about the only thing I like at McDonalds. Well their fries are good, oh and the fish sandwich isn't bad, the cherry pie, let's not forget the mocha......

Venom - Thank you!

Sue said...

Relax Max - I know you have warned me on the use of the word pee and I am truly sorry. Would it make you feel better if I told you everytime I use the word I think of you? Pee got through and the instructor said nothing about it, however I had to change the word damn to darn for the submission to go through.

I received a comment on my prompt submission but no grade yet. My instructor told me I was off to a good start with the class. Other students told me it was cute.

Relax Max said...

You probably haven't made enough payments to get a grade yet. Gosh, I wonder what it'll be. Not saying these online schools are a scam. Yes I am. If he corrects ONE SINGLE WORD of what you write, may God strike him dead. And lay his frozen body on your front lawn in the snow. For your dog to gnaw on.

If you need any adjectives, just let me know. I have extra.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Pee's fine. Worry not. This is great for a 5-minute, 300-word rush write! Who can't relate to being a hurry for something and then realizing that something else has to be done? Nobody. Nice first effort, Sue. I'm not sure how I'd handle an assignment like this. I ought to try it, but I'd probably cheat without a ref to time me.

Sue said...

Relax Max - The class is paid in full. The instructor is a she. The dog has not yet developed a taste for human flesh, just squirrel. It's always a good idea to keep extra adjectives, just in case you know.

Mike - It took me longer than 5 minutes. I need constant supervision and I'm pretty sure you do too.
I know that the use of the word pee is generally acceptable in everyday life, the only 2 people that it bothers is my mom and Relax Max.