Friday, January 07, 2011

When the damn diabetic makes pudding in the wrong bowls

"I see we're throwing caution to the wind again, ay?" A little Canadian lingo there. The husband looked at me with his 'one eyebrow up' look. "I thought you were going to bed."
"You are making a mess. I can't go to sleep knowing there will be pudding splattered everywhere when I wake up. Is that chocolate pudding dripping down between the dishwasher and counter? This is going to be worse than I thought. You're making vanilla too?"
Most people are going to bed at 11:00pm ish and not clanging around in the kitchen but that's when the damn diabetic makes pudding in the wrong bowls.
"So you're making parfaits then? How can you not stir neatly? Why does half of it have to be on the counter? Look at my counter, look at it."
A 10 second stare down began. And we started to speak to each other in hush tones, with our eyes squinted and our teeth clenched, "I'll clean it up, go to bed."
"I can't go to sleep knowing you may go into a diabetic coma. That's something that's needs to be addressed quickly and every one's in bed."
"I'm only having one in this small glass."
"Then you will save one for me for lunch tomorrow?"
"I'm going to bed."
"Good night."


The Crabby Lady said...

I have a daughter that can't stir ANYTHING without it ending up all over the stove, counter, walls, floor, etc.

When she makes spaghetti sauce it looks like she mixed it in a blender with the lid off.

She doesn't clean up. She doesn't even bother to pretend she will.

I can't wait to see if this behavior continues in her own new house. :)

Symdaddy said...

Oh, c'mon!

Making a mess in the kitchen is what we men are all about!

How dare you try and interrupt his fun.

You are grounded for a week!

Leave the poor man alone!

Leeuna said...

Men are so messy.

Yumm! Pudding!

ReformingGeek said...

Yes, it is most important to know there will be some for you.

As for the diabetic coma, if he's not in bed when you wake up in the morning, you might check on him.


Sue said...

Deb - When she gets her own place, go over there and make spaghetti. ;-)

Symdaddy - Yeah, you're all about making a mess and never cleaning it up. I'll stop that fun whenever I can buddy!

Leeuna - It was yummy. Chocolate and vanilla mixed together.

Carol - It's such a chore keeping him alive.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Ain't marriage grand!?!

And I have to know: Did he save you one for lunch?

Sue said...

Mike - He swirled the vanilla and chocolate perfectly and I had one for lunch. It was spectacular.