Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Someone! Please take the pork chops out of the freezer in the garage!

Forcast: Buckets of snow
Cause: Lake effect
Why: Cuz it's winter
Attitude: Pissy
I ran out of the house this morning knowing it would take me longer to get to work. So I hastily wrote a note and left it on the kitchen counter, "Some one! Please take the pork chops out of the freezer in the garage!" I grabbed my coffee and ran out the door. I didn't even sign it, "Love, mom." I was that stressed. So as I sit eating my lunch I'm really not sure if we are having pork chops or grilled cheese tonight. Bread! I need bread! I must stop for snow storm provisions.......again. Do we need milk? At this point who the hell cares. I'm so over these snow storms.

Anyway, Buckeye is enjoying it. She buries her nose in the snow and eats it.

It is now 9:00 pm, still snowing and we had pork chops.


ReformingGeek said...

Sheesh. All that white stuff is blinding me.

Will you make me some snow ice cream?

Sue said...

Carol - You see that dog in that snow don't you? She's turning it yellow, you don't want snow ice cream from here, trust me.

Sandra said...

It's so funny to read these post about the snowfalls. I'm Canadian. In Canada. Where we get this kind of crap 7 months of the year.
I'm so over it too.
However, I'm glad someone took out the porkchops.

Sue said...

Sandra - Okay you have us bveat by about 2 months. And they were all over those pork chops.

Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

Sue, Aunt Fluffy wants to thank you
for reminding her to take the pork
chops out of the freezer too!

You guys have really had it bad this
year. It's cold in Florida too but
no snow. We did have tornadoes all
around Orlando two days ago. We are
OK! Hugs and Love.

Uncle Silly Willy & Aunt Fluffy

Sue said...

Uncle Silly Willy & Aunt Fluffy - Glad to here all is well, just stay away from the funnel clouds!