Thursday, August 09, 2007

Check out these Funny T-Shirts!

Under Surveillance (just act normal)
We have this T-Shirt in a contest at T-Shirtcountdown
we are in the "Funny" T-Shirt Catagory, on page 2.
we are currently in 21st place you will find the t-shirt pictured above. Then over to the right of the t-shirt is a blue button that says,
all you do is click it and VOTE!
We would really like to get this t-shirt up a few VOTES and onto the first page! Will you help? Thanks!
We have a link of our CafePress Shop also, if you would like to take a look at some of our other "Funny" T-Shirts!
All of our T-Shirts have the "look" of a note "pinned" to the back of someone's T-Shirt.
Here are some examples of the sayings:
Kick ME!
Watch out for the Jerk behind me!
Wanted by the Feds!
Would someone Please stop this woman from spending anymore money! Thanks, her husband
But wait, there's more!

Low IQ. Keep it simple!
No sense of direction. DO NOT FOLLOW!
Our T-Shirts are also available at The Crabby Marketplace

Everyone have a great weekend and remember to VOTE!

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