Monday, August 13, 2007

I had a busy weekend, listing on eBay and eCrater

I got a lot of listing done this weekend! I should have been doing yardwork, but instead I spent my time in front of my computer. The summer is flying by, my kids start school a week from today!
I listed 10 Woman's T-Shirts

at one of my eCrater Stores - Farvel Clearance
there are several different colors and different Patriotic-USA designs. I have 1 size medium and 9 size large. They are $5.00 each! New with tags!
The PokeMon Trading Cards are getting a lot of activity at this store also!
Over at eBay I've started listing Jewelry! I know I don't believe it either. But I got a hold of a box full of costume jewelry at an estate sale.
I started listing Brooches/Pins, that's what I have the most of. So look for that list to grow.
Did I mention that some of that time in front of the computer was spent here at ?
It is time well spent! Lots of information and fun!
Newly listed at our eCrater Store
Spiral Sewn and Single Stitched in various sizes!
Have a great week everyone!

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