Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scenario Paintball, I'm thinking about Holiday Shopping already.

I swore to myself last year that I would start my Holiday shopping early. I say it every year but this time I really mean it. And I’m going to do more shopping online because it’s easier. No crowds, you save on gas, search engines will find you anything and you don’t have to find a parking space.

Scenario Paintball! When you find a site that will offer you FREE shipping it’s worth a nice long look, don’t you think? When looking for paintball accessories I found just that, free shipping on orders of $200.00 or more.

Ultimate Paintball has what I’m looking for! Or I guess I should say what my 18 year old has been nagging me to buy him! All his friends have Tippmann Paintball guns. The mother in me won’t let him out of the house with a paintball gun unless he has all the safety gear possible. Chest protectors, helmets, knee pads, the prices are great, I can get this kids shopping done in one stop!

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