Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm all over the place today!

I'm not getting anything done! I had a major problem with my computer yesterday. And that event just snowballed my little world out of control. As a result of the computer problem I didn't get dinner made. That sent the entire family scampering off to fast food restaurants. I had leftovers because no one says, "Mom, do you want anything?" 12 HOURS OF LABOR KID!

I had open house at the kids school. Yes I still go to them, even though they are in the High School. Why do I go you ask? 1. To get out of the house and 2. To find out which teachers give homework and if they give time in class to get it done, because I've heard it all when it come to the answers I get when I ask, "Do you have any homework?"

I overslept this morning, which isn't a big deal because I work at home, but I don't want to get off schedule and screw up another day. So instead of being all over the place it's time to get focused. First things first, coffee!

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