Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Start your vacation off right with Hotel Reservations

I made my husband get off the turnpike on our way home from vacation because I was tired of “turnpike food”. We found a nice diner and had a quick lunch. We had to get on the road again. With three hours of driving ahead of us left we stretched our weary bodies and prepared to buckle the 3 kids back into the mini van, the youngest still in a carseat. I opened the side sliding door and it kept going! It hung by a hinge! The people in the diner just stared at us and my husband blamed it on me.

You can’t avoid these little mishaps on the road and we have had plenty of them! But I have found a website where I can make hotel reservations, book a flight or rent a car with ease. It’s called Hotel Reservations. They also have vacation packages. And worldwide destination offers! The rates are guaranteed to be lower and they have rebate coupons. You can save yourself up to 70%! How great is that? Hotel Reservations is one of the easiest sites to navigate that I’ve found. I clicked around there with no problems at all. Found what I was looking for at very reasonable prices. And they have a 24/7 800 number for you with certified hotel experts available to answer your questions or help you make a reservation by phone if you prefer.

Let’s face it, when traveling with small children you need all the help you can get! Sometimes the form of help you get comes from a guy with a “bad word” tattooed across his knuckles and all you can do is hope that your seven year old doesn’t try to “sound it out” while the guy is trying to put your mini van door back on the hinge.

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