Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Farvel Cargo's Power Tools!

Okay let's see if I can get some blogging done before it starts to storm again!
You know that wonderful saying, "Be careful what you wish for."

Holy Crap!
This is this past Thursday:
My kids were there and said it was awesome!

Now today, Tuesday, August 7, my alarm went off and I thought there was something wrong with it. "Did this thing go off early or something?" It was pitch black outside! As the morning went on the thunder got louder. Then the sky opened up and dumped rain on us. Listening to the radio, I'm learning about cars stranded, highways flooded and closed, flights delayed and the Cleveland Zoo is even closed!
Dare I venture out to the Post Office?

I would like to remind everyone about the Power Tools we have for sales at our eCrater Store.

Ingersoll-Rand and
Chicago Pneumatic

I'll be waiting at The Crabby Host for you to stop by!
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