Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Midol Story by Sue

Did I buy the wrong package of Midol?
Don't they come in a bottle instead of a sheet of sealed tight as drum, individual pills? Each individual pill sealed up so tight that when you do need blessed relief from the lovely symtoms of bloating, cramps, irratability, headache and well that's enough for now, where was I?
Shouldn't I be able to open it quickly?
There is a little arrow that says PEEL. Self explanatory, I can see where they are going with this.
It's stuck on the protective foil covering pretty good!
I must pay a price for menstrual relief!
I took my Mother-In-Law to her doctors appointment, this appointment evolved into a blood test and an x-ray. Although I took Midol before I left, I didn't put extra in my purse. The Midol started to wear off in the lab around the same time the copy machine decided to jam up everytime the lab tech tried to copy my Mother-In-Laws paper work. God Bless my Mother-In-Law she kept saying how sorry she was. And I kept saying "Don't worry about it mom." Keeping my discomfort to myself.
She's 83, she's not going to have Midol in her purse!
I got home and went straight for the Midol, thinking this time that protective wrapper will PEEL right off. Right! I searched for the scissors and a bottle of Bartles and James Fuzzy Navel Wine Cooler!

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