Saturday, September 01, 2007

I really screwed up!

Let me just say that this blog I use to help me with the look of my blog it is wonderful! It's pretty much a Blogging for Dummies site. I should say it's for blogs. Anyway this dummy is so scared of html especially after Thursday!
I tried to add a Digg button and I really don't know why, but everyone has one. Well I added the button and all the content of my posts disappeared. My words! Where are my words? I can laugh about it now. Because you can see my words can't you?
I left a desperate plea in bizwhiz's comment box and he responded right away. I'm going to practice on my other blog with all the html knowledge this guy's giving away free and then move to this one. But I wanted to pass this blog along to everyone in case you are looking for help!
Yes, I know there is a "preview" button for instances like this, but if I didn't have a little drama in my life and I wasn't such a dummy what would I blog about?

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