Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Neighborhood Came Together Today

Oh my! The drama. Our nextdoor neighbors dog got loose. He's my dog's boyfriend. My dog, Buckeye, was very upset. You could tell he must have visited her after his escape because she kept looking back when I was taking her inside. I just didn't catch on soon enough. So the neighbor and I were out calling for the boyfriend dog and Buckeye fretted inside. Soon we had more neighbors join the search. The buses started dropping kids off after school and they became part of the search party. Everyone talked about what a little pistol he is and Buckeye paced and whined. She's in love. Two hours later the neighbors husband, who came home early from work, pulled into the driveway with one mangy looking, in trouble dog. Buckeye took a nap, it was way too much drama for her.

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