Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blog Flair, Do I Have Enough?

Remember the movie Office Space? Remember Jennifer Anistons character? She worked at a family restaurant and her boss was always explaining to her that she didn't have enough "flair". As I go deeper into the Blog World, as I visit other Blogs I've started to refer to all the buttons and whistles in the Blog columns as Blog Flair. I'm trying to sift through them which is turning into a full-time job! If anyone would like to leave me advice on the Blog Flair I would certainly appreciate it. What are the most important? Which will help me with traffic and rank? Dear God where do I start? Do I have enough flair?


GraceMags said...

hi there sue. i got in here through cristlegirl's forum where your blogs are posted. if you want some help with the flair i recommend you check peter chen's blog, problogger and dummies guide to google blogger. unfortunately i forgot the URLs. you can find these blog URLs by going to my blog. look to the right and you will see a link leading you to peter chen and the two others. they are under favorite sites. good luck

Sue said...

Hey those sites look very interesting! Thank you! Can we exchange links? I'd like to put you on my blog roll so I can find these sites again.
Let me know!