Monday, September 24, 2007

Can I just sit today, I'm tired?

I had a great weekend! Dinner with friends Friday night was wonderful. We gabbed and lost track of time. It was so good to see them again. You guys know who you are. You better be checking my blog! I have to get out more. After Saturday night though, I'm not sure my husband will let me! LOL! The big surprise party was for my sister-in-law, her 40th. There were two punch bowls, one had note on it that said punch and the other said adult punch. Wow, was that adult punch good! That was the closest to being hammered that I've been in a long time. Sunday was a productive day. We got a lot done on the house and then had a bonefire in the backyard. I'm looking forward to just sitting in front of my computer today.
I reserve the right to elaborate on this weekend at a later date. I need more coffee!


Rick said...

What?! You haven't had your second cup yet?

Sue said...

LOL! I have a rule for myself, don't blog until you are fully awake! Maybe it was the residual affects of the adult punch still lingering in my foggy brain, but I'm not happy with this post. Let me get my second cup and try again! LOL!