Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How We Do Business is Changing

I quit my job in February of this year to work at home. I use to work at a printing company. I was the graphic artist, nothing glamorous, I made a lot of forms to be printed. One of our clients was an event registration service. They planned conferences. They would set up a form, email it to me, call me with changes, I’d make the changes, send them a proof and then if we were lucky that was it and we would print! These clients would be at their event site and realize they didn’t have enough registration forms. They’d call us in a panic! They ordered more forms and would have to pay for the set up of the press again.
The internet is changing how we do business! Securely plan your conferences with regonline. They have a Level 1 PCI compliance. Your clients will be safe, secure and save money!

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