Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coffee Please?

I was brought down from my weekend high in a hurry. I had to go to the bank and straighten them out. Boy #2 has been doing his own banking since he was 16. You show him something once and he needs no further instruction. Independence is what he strives for. He just always seems to get the new teller who always gives him a hard time. But he pleads his case in a loud, irritated voice and gets his way, just this once, next time we need your mothers signature. Uh huh. This teller told him he needed a checking account. Perhaps when he's out of High School and has a full-time job and some bills. But right now how about you not undermine my parental influence of trying to teach this kid how to save money? What do ya say?
After I straightened out the bank, I treated myself to a double mocha, got home to blog and oh so looking forward to the season premier of Heroes. he! The premier got closer and I hustled the kids through their evening problems. Finding socks, homework, oh I had to feed them and the dog and then the husband that came during Dancing with the Stars. Get in the shower!
There was only air coming out of our faucets. Denial set in and as we tried every faucet. The first thing my husband says to me, "Did you pay the bill?" and I replied, "Heroes is on in 30 minutes, don't mess with me." The neighbors didn't have water either. Everyone knows the look I gave my husband after that bit of information.
I'm a planner. In every closet of my house you will find at least 3 gallons of water. Yeah, we won't get into all that today. We really weren't bothered by the water issue. Thank God I have boys! They don't care if they shower or not. My dad came over for water at about 10:30.
Back to Heroes. The world of technology saved me again. I have Direct TV and I can record programs, which I did. I just had to keep pausing. I hope to get on over to my other blog View of Sue and review Heroes and Dancing with the Stars later this morning. After a few more cups of coffee and maybe I'll go out and get another double mocha.


Sturgent said...

First, thank you for stopping by my blog and the comment.

second, your day sounds like mine... except I have a girl and a boy...

as far as heroes... I am confused, I took the effort to watch but I feel like I must have missed a lot of episode cuase I don't know what is going on... but the journey man premire was ok.

Sue said...

Confused to say the least! My post is up on my other blog View of Sue and I reviewed Heroes. Holy Crap what was going on?