Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Day After Thanksgiving

They are calling the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday now? I never go shopping on that day. And if they are calling it Black Friday, it’s worse than I thought. I hate crowds. That’s why, as I’ve said in previous posts, I’m doing as much of my holiday shopping on line as possible. While searching the net I found a site called Hah! Check it out, here is an ad for Kohl’s. All you do is submit your email address and they notify you when new Black Friday ads are posted. Here is a store list. There are quite a few stores.

Imagine doing your holiday shopping with a cup of coffee in your hand, sitting in front of your computer, listening to whatever music you like. As opposed to grabbing a lousy cup of coffee at the food court and not being able to take it in any stores, standing in line with a bunch of short tempered shoppers and listening to piped in holiday music.

Here’s the Circuit City ad. Lot of bargains! is making it too easy for us. What will we do with all are spare time after we get are shopping done? I suppose, baking, wrapping, sending out cards, cleaning the house……… Oh boy! Here come the holidays!

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