Friday, September 28, 2007

I Have to Sort This Out

My car window is shattered. On the drivers side. The one I was sitting right next to while driving. I don't know how I want to approach writing about this. It happened Tuesday evening, it is now Friday. There was a small hole at the top of the window. I called my husband and 911. The police called an ambulance because my neck was bleeding.
I have referred to this "incident" in other posts. I thought it necessary to explain. But I am at a loss for words. Humor is a big part of my blogging and this isn't funny. Perhaps at a later date I can elaborate, but right now most of what I'm feeling is going to stay with me for now. I'm going to sort this out. There is a police investigation going and I should probably keep my mouth shut anyway.


Sturgent said...

sorry to hear about the incident, hope you weren't injured.
I've had my car broken into a couple of times luckily i was never present.

Just for your records i started the blog roll as your inquiry and added you, hope you reciprocate.

Lets us know how it goes with the car and hope your neck is better....

Sue said...

Just a little scratch!
You are on my Blog Roll!