Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Keep an eye on

As I continue to compose my holiday shopping list I run across idea after idea. I have three sons and two of them are music geeks. They both play the guitar and yes they plan on forming a band. I found a site called So cool! This site features a new item everyday and it’s usually an item geared towards the musician geek. They change the featured item at midnight every night. I’m keeping an eye on these bargains.


Windyridge said...

Wow, I will check this site outt. Both my boys play in a new band and they really enjoy it. It get's a little loud for me but they will move to a new garage soon. I have some pics on my site of their new equipment. maybe you saw them already.

BTW I hate racking too so we use a blower.

Sue said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! The problem with a leaf blower is that it doesn't move the acorns! LOL! I'll go out and take a picture of all of them and add it to my post.