Saturday, September 08, 2007

My feet hurt!

And so does my neck! I have a pounding headache because I'm so hungry. That pizza guy will be here in 45 minutes to an hour, I just called him. So I decided to look busy and blog before my husband starts back to work on the house. Yes, I'm hiding from him. Why not, the kids do it. As soon as they see him put his toolbelt on they head for the hills.
My husband loves to construct. He is turning our patio into an all-year-round room. We built a wall today. WooHoo! There is talk of this room becoming my office. The complaining is kept to a minimum because I'd really like that room. As long as it's warm enough in the winter!

He found me! It started to rain and we had to put up some tarp. I'm going to watch for the pizza guy.

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