Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm Calling Hotel Reservations

Boy do I need to get away! It’s only Wednesday but what a week I have had so far. We didn’t have water Monday night, I had the school calling me and telling me my son is not there only later call me and say whoops wrong kid, my car window got shattered by God knows what last night, the Police think it may have been a pellet gun. I have rain coming through the roof, oh and the power went out last night so we missed the last 10 minutes of the House premier. If anyone saw it would you like to fill me in on how House got his guitar back?

I’m calling Hotel Reservations. My husband is stressed out, I need to get him away too. Maybe I could talk him into a Bed and Breakfast, the prices at Hotel Reservations are very reasonable. The trick is to find a Bed and Breakfast that is situated near a Casino. When my husband goes on a get-away there has to be a Casino involved. He loves to play blackjack! I know I will be able to find what I’m looking for at Hotel Reservations. Whether we want a flight, need to rent a car or find a hotel. They have worldwide destinations, I don’t know if I’d be able to talk my husband into a major out of the county vacation though. I could give it a try. Hotel Reservations website is very easy to navigate, travel information is at your fingertips and they have an 800 number for you should you have any questions or problems.

All this planning can be done via the internet which is a good thing, it’s raining outside and I have no car window. I hope the rest of my week is uneventful.

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