Friday, September 21, 2007

Maybe it's Time for a New Camera

My online stores have been seriously neglected this week! I need to get busy listing some items. I have to get some pictures taken. I thought my digital camera was broken the other day, it turns out I just needed new batteries. Then I got to thinking, what if my camera was broken? It’s old.

I remember when I was just out of High School I bought a Canon AE1 and dabbled in photography. I took some pretty cool pictures. I got myself a zoom lens and a wide angle lens. My friend and I would go to the park and try to take some wildlife shots. Good times!

Now the world’s gone digital. I need to make quality digital picture frames for my online stores. I decided to stick with Canon. I really liked my AE1. I have been reading up on the Canon PowerShot A560. It’s reasonably priced and compact.
I also have some important events coming up this summer and I need to have a reliable camera. A son graduating and a son getting married! Oh boy!

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