Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mother Knows Best

When I was in High School selecting classes for the following year, my mother told me to take Typing I. Typing? Mom? Hello? I'm going to be an artist. She insisted. I learned to type my sophomore year. I'm not going to be a secretary, I kept telling myself, what am I doing this for?
My mother's insite into the future has been the best advice she ever gave me. And I've told her that several times. Now if I can just get her to understand what a blog is!


JLaw said...

I'm so glad I took typing also! Esp. when I see others struggle with the 'hunt and peck' method. Now when I took the class it was just before they started using computers... it was the old electric typewriters with no letters on the keys!

Sue said...

I learned to type on an electric typewriter also, but we had letters on the keys! No letters on the keys! WOW!

Connie said...

Typing was the only class in my school years that I failed! I totally forgot that until I read your post. Too funny! Now my keyboard has missing letters from so much typing.