Monday, February 25, 2008

A Concentrated Effort to be Social

I made a concentrated effort to be more social this past weekend. I got called in to work Friday evening and had to smile at people for 5 hours. It was tough because I was bitchier than usual Friday. The rest of the weekend I decided I needed to get out of the house and away from the computer. I'm having conversations with my computer, that can't be right. I'm afraid the family will find me one day locked in my office, talking to the computer that is sporting a new blood, red hand print on the screen. I haven't named the computer yet, but was thinking of Dell. Yeah, I needed to get out.
Saturday the husband and I spent more time together than usual. We took an hour trip to visit his older sister, then back to visit his mom that lives with his younger sister. Sunday we went to the Cleveland Cavs Basketball game.
We were in the car a lot this weekend and when stuck together without TV, we get into in depth conversations. Politics, history, life after death, religion, the boys, my broken windshield wiper, the leaky faucet and how cute our dog is. I think we covered it all this past weekend.
This post is coming to conclusion now, because Dell is telling me we need to check our emails and the dog is telling me we just check them. I have to go settle this argument.


ettarose said...

I really like your site. Good stories, kept my interest. Tell boy#1 congrats!

Sue said...

Thank you and I will!

Ann said...

That is weird, Dell is also my computers name~

I'm glad you went outside for awhile awhile, and I'm sure the dog was right. :))

Sue said...

LOL! It's nice to find someone that understands! And the dog was right, she always is!