Saturday, February 09, 2008

Flat Tire Phenomenon

Weird things happen to me and my car. So much so that I see a spark of fear in the husband eyes when I leave the house with car keys jingling. On a day like any other day, on my way home from work I encountered what is now known in my household as the flat tire phenomenon.
I innocently drove over a cable stretched across the road that is used to monitor traffic. It broke loose, in my rear view mirror I could see the cable whirling around like an out of control fire hose. 30 seconds from home, I made the split second decision to continue. Safely in my driveway I exited the car to the sound of hissing, my tire went completely flat before my eyes. That is when I started to talk to myself. "No one is going to believe this."
"Should I call the police?"
"City Hall?"
I settled on calling the husband.
"Huh?" He asked.
When he got home he took the flat tire off and found part of the cable wrapped around the wheel. "Ahh haa! Evidence!"
I started making phone calls. The police station, city hall, the county sheriff's office. No one knew who was responsible for the outstretched cable across our little community's road. I even called the local newspaper, who took me as a woman just trying to find someone to pay for her flat tire. "Hey pal, just put some more ads in your paper and forget any news worthy stories. I'll get to the bottom of this myself."
Now it was in the middle of winter. The idea of setting up a lawn chair next to the broken cable crossed my mind, briefly. I wasn't sure if it was worth the $12.95 tire patch. You can say I owe it to society to find the culprits and bring justice to our fine community. But for all I knew I'd be delving into an unknown, secret inter-galactic, organization that is monitoring Earths traffic patterns. And I don't know if I up for that.


Ellen said...

I like your blog. I've only been blogging for 3 months and I love reading other blogs. They have the most amazing stories. This post interest me because I seem to get nails in my tires often. I've written about them on my blog. Now that I read about your flat tire and how it happened really spooks me because I could easily see how that could happen to me. YIKES!! Makes me not want to drive across cables any longer.


Sue said...

Thanks Ellen! Just make sure you have a cell phone with when you are in your car! I could probably start a new blog dedicated to all my car mishaps I've had over the years! LOL!