Sunday, February 17, 2008

Really, What Was I Thinking?

I left the house for the first time in 3 days yesterday. You know because of my major head cold. I can say head cold now because I searched bubonic plague and I'm sure I don't have that. I was out of tissues and we needed food in the house. I don't know if it was the snot that my brain is swimming in or the Nyquil coursing through my veins but while putting away my groceries I had to stop and ask myself, "What were you thinking?"
I was putting a "After the Rain" scented Renuzit Air Freshener in my little office. I don't know why. I can't smell.


Ellen said...

Hi Sue:
I am just laughing so hard at this post. It is so funny. You left me a comment on my Food blog last week(I think) and I intended to get back with you. I have been bogged down with working my FT job and trying to learn Entrecard. I just saw that you do participate in Entrecard so I dropped my card. I'm going to subscribe to your blog and I'm going to save it as one of my favorites. It is great!!!! Yeah!!!


SinnerDuck said...

i made a blog, yay, let me know if u want the link to read mine,

Sue said...

Thank you Ellen, glad you like it!

Hey sinnerduck! Your new blog is looking great!

Lady Language said...

hehe - this was quite funny and I hope you can enjoy the smell now :) p.s. found your blog through I'm blogging that and wanted to say hello - enjoyed reading!