Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things to do While Dropping EntreCards

You only need one hand and an eye or two to drop EntreCards. While you're blog hopping I've come up with a list of things to do in case you haven't thought of them yet. Feel free to leave me your suggestions, I like to multi-task!

1. Eat breakfast
2. Scratch the dogs neck.
3. Separate your M&M's by color, eat brown ones first, then yellow, green, orange, blue and finally the red ones.
4. Stare out window planning your next post about the weather while waiting for a widget laden blog to open.
5. Eat lunch
6. Sort socks
7. Sharpen pencils
8. Try to eat the candy coating off an M&M before chocolate inside melts. (This is a tricky one!)
9. Look up big words in the dictionary that other bloggers use and vow to use at least one big word a week. Three syllables minimum.

I tried to make a list of 10, but I'm exhausted from trying it all. I'm on the orange M&M's already.

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