Thursday, February 07, 2008

Making Money at Facebook

Hey, wait a minute! I can make money at Facebook? I thought Facebook was a social network. I’ve belonged to Facebook for months but haven’t really participated much. Why? Because I’m trying to make money online. We should investigate. Don’t worry I’m on it. I signed up for CashPoint. I have several places I go to for filling out surveys and getting paid to open emails and I have several social networks I belong to. I’m sure I’m not alone and Facebook figured that out. They’ve combined social networking and online surveys.
Online survey’s can be tedious. Most company’s only give you a certain amount of survey’s that you can fill out per day. So you need a few different accounts. So far I filled out three surveys at CashPoint. One has been approved already and I just signed up 15 minutes ago. I’m up to $2.45 for less than 15 minutes of hardly trying. I took a few lower paying ones, just to see how it worked. I think I’ll be spending some time on Facebook. One word of advice though, if you plan on joining CashPoint get yourself a new email just for the surveys, trust me on this, it will fill up fast. Keep it separate from you personal stuff.

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